DJX Summertime 2019

Join us for a relaxing weekend of hanging out and exploring this beautiful lodge and campground by day, and dancing the nights away to favorite fusion DJs.

Unplug from the world and reconnect with friends and self!






Online registration is now closed.

Your PayPal receipt serves as your ticket confirmation.  All tickets purchased online include meals for the full weekend or that single day.

On-site tickets?
We will offer 1-day tickets for $40 on-site.  Please note these will not include meals.  And please bring cash to pay - thank you!

If you have any questions, you can reach us at or via Facebook.


Marrara's Mountain Lodge

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We will be camping on the grounds, so bring your tent!  

Running water, sinks, and flush toilets are available on-site. Showers are available off-site and during the Saturday day excursion.

Recommended packing list:

  • Tent
  • Tarp to put under the tent
  • Clothing layers and blankets - temperatures are likely to be colder at night!
  • Head lamp and/or flashlight, with extra batteries
  • Reusable water bottle. There will be limited supplies of cups.
  • Bug spray with DEET
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby wipes to refresh
  • Deodorant
  • Towel
  • Snacks, particularly breakfast-y items if you tend to wake up early and may be hungry before brunch time
  • Ear plugs
  • Eye mask


Note: All provided meals will be vegetarian.

If you have food allergies, please let us know in the registration form.  Our food coordinators are finalizing the meal plans, and will use that information to help accommodate you as possible.

When What
Friday night

8pm - 4am: DJ'd Dance
8 - 10pm: Erin Blose
10pm - 12am: J Mundinger
12 - 2am: Eria Auguste
2 - 4am: Shawn Knisely

After midnight: late-night snack


~Noon: Brunch

Day trip off-site for swimming! Black Moshannon State Park

2 - 6pm: Lakeside DJ'd dance
2 - 4pm: Shawn Knisely
4 - 6pm: June Bischoff

~7pm: Dinner

8pm - 4am: Dance with live music and DJs
8 - 10pm: Ben Chou
10pm - 12am: Emilio & J
12 - 1am: Plastic Cannons (live!)
1 - 2:30am: Emilio
2:30 - 4am: Ben Chou

After midnight: late-night snack


~Noon: Brunch

Skill shares (by attendees) & DJ Meetup

~7pm: Dinner

8pm - 4am: DJ'd Dance
8 - 10pm: Ben Chou
10pm - 12am: Emilio
12 - 2am: Eria Auguste
2 - 4am: J Mundinger

After midnight: late-night snack



Live music

Plastic Cannons

Plastic Cannons is the solo project of New York based musician, Alan Markley. Alan has spent his adult life touring the world, co-writing, and recording in the studio as a side musician for major label and independent artists from a wide array of genres. This music draws from that experience and from years of experimentation with creating new and unique sounds on keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, and laptops.

DJs in order of appearance...

Erin Blose

Erin has been dancing the last 13 years, starting in Swing and going on to learn Blues, Argentine Tango, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue and even a bit of Zouk. With learning those dances, she has learned to appreciate many different genres of music and loves how interconnected they are. She has been exploring the different ways that music can grow her local community, and enjoys musically encouraging dancers to try out new and different styles of dance.

J Mundinger

DJing since 2005, J has searched far and wide for the perfect dance floor.  He learned to harness light and imbue the dance floor with the energy and emotion of each song. Today, he creates immersive sound & light performances from coast-to-coast at blues & fusion events.

Check out his lighting portfolio at

Eria Auguste

Coming into dance with a background in instrumental music, Eria lends a trained ear to her musical selections as a DJ. With over 11 years of dance experience in a variety of styles, she brings an eclectic mix of rhythms and feelings into every set. After years of DJing exclusively at house parties up and down the east coast, Eria is excited to DJ at one of her favorite fusion events: DJX!

Shawn Knisely

Shawn’s been dancing for over 20 years and going to Lindy, West Coast, Blues and Fusion events just as long. He first started DJing house parties up and down the east coast before doing DJX events and recently NYC’s Melting Pot fusion dance.  He likes to focus on music that keeps you moving, touches your soul, and takes you to another time or place. He loves the opportunity to bring the music from diverse cultures to the dance floor. At some point in the set, he hopes to bring a smile to your face with some crazy cover.  He always finds great joy in the love and connectedness that the dance community brings out in all of us.

June Bischoff

June has been DJing Swing, Blues, Fusion, and general nonsense since 2011, when she announced her first set with a promise of no more than 50% Tom Waits. (The other half was Boombastic on loop.)

She rarely DJs outside of Albany, primarily due to a refusal to learn how her equipment works and a tendency to substitute panic for preparation, but she definitely has Opinions about music, and a deep love of a good groove.

She's looking forward to making you shake your lake thang!

Ben Chou

Ben started DJing in the summer of 2009 with an unexpected opportunity at a New York City blues dance. From there he went on to become a regular DJ at DJ Experiment and Powerhouse Blues, both in Philadelphia, with guest sets from Boston to San Francisco, before going national at the Albany Lindy and Blues Exchange and the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange. He loves variety and transition, moving with purpose from one genre/tempo/vibe to the next, selecting from a range of songs including downtempo, soul, house, blues, lyrical, and international.

Emilio Estevez

Emiliano is known for his diverse taste in music and especially for his sets that can make you melt, groove, and push your horizons. Emiliano figured out quickly that he is driven by music with heart and soul and it must have groove. Music has to have a certain groove or feeling to feel good to play. He has DJed in the U.S., Canada, and Europe spreading the love of Blues and Fusion.