Take your dancing outside the box.

Welcome to DJ Experiment!  We are a Philadelphia-based group of DJs and dancers who love pushing the boundaries of partner dancing by exploring a wide range of musical genres, tempos, and vibes.  If you love connecting and expressing through music, come join us.  No partner needed and all dance styles welcomed.

Featured Events

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Fusion Weekend 2017 - November 10-12

This is our *5th* annual Fusion Weekend, and we are psyched!

Monthly Events

DJX Weekday, our monthly social dance, will begin again after a summer hiatus on Wednesday, September 20th.

Regular schedule:

  • 3rd Wednesdays of the month: DJX Weekday social dance
  • 1st Thursdays of the month: Jetlag world fusion dance @ L'Etage

Please check out the Events page and/or subscribe to our Facebook Page events to keep track.  We look forward to seeing you there!