Workshop Material


When it comes to Fusion dance, there are an infinite number of ways to think about how we combine, categorize, and practice our dances. But fundamentally, it all comes down to the music. This weekend, we’ll delve through the moves, through the technique, to the root of where most social dance comes from: the music that moves our bodies. 

Lyrical Fusion (Day 1)
Many of the dance forms we practice as Fusion dancers focus their musical expression on the lyric or melodic elements of the music. This is where we generally get the swoop, the emotion, the story of our dance. We’ll spend this first day delving into the lyrical side of Fusion musicality, practicing solo movement, and connection techniques and tricks to more fully express the haunting beauty of music’s lyrical line.

Rhythmic Fusion (Day 2)
Many of the dances we as Fusion dancers study are rooted in the complicated pulse of rhythmic expression. This is where we get the grounding, the percussion, the heartbeat of our dance. We’ll spend our second day together delving into the juicy complexities of rhythms in the music, to find ways to allow the incessant drive of the music to drive our bodies and free our minds.

Masters' Class Auditions

Auditions will be held Friday @ 11pm during the dance.  (If you are unable to make this time, Saturday @ 12:30pm, shortly before the all-levels workshops at 1pm, is available as a backup.)

Audition results will be posted on the Facebook event by the end of the Friday night dance.  Note that a few slots will be saved in case of those who will be auditioning on Saturday; however, alternatives should watch Facebook to see if they make the class, in case the Saturday auditions do not fill those slots.


Nicole Trissell

(all-levels workshops)

With more than 20 years of dance training and over 9 years of teaching under her belt, Nicole is a movement and communication professional with a mission.

Nicole enjoys enabling dancers to use their body in the healthiest way possible, and her ability to diagnose and change postural issues is only exceeded by her love for cultivating dance as an art form. Whether you want to add technical excellence to your dance or experience music in a whole new, visceral way, Nicole has got you covered. Blues and Fusion dance have been one of the most important forces for growth in Nicole's life and she is excited to share her joy of dance with you.

Marcus Tucker

(masters' classes - hip hop & house)

Marcus “Epic” Tucker is well rounded in every style of hip hop and funkstyle dance and has much experience on the theatre stage as a director, choreographer and performer. He is also a very inspirational teacher and workshop leader.

The summer of 2001, Marcus was introduced to Clyde Evans Jr., owner of Philadelphia-based Chosen Dance Company. Marcus began his hip hop theatre career here when he did his first theatre show in December 2002, in the "Philly Nut Crack up”. In 2003 Clyde Evans was asked to choose three of the best dancers in Philadelphia to do a hip hop theatre tour in England with Kompany Malikhi's "Hip-Hop story". Marcus was one of the three chosen. There Marcus met Judi McCarthy from Independance. Interested in his ability to teach and leadership qualities, Judi gave Marcus the opportunity to be in the driver seat. He directed and performed in his very own theatre show called "Heroes". Heroes toured the UK from March 2004 to August 2004 and May 2005 to August 2005. Following his tours, Marcus then became a member of a company called Funkstylerz UK. It was with Funkstylerz that Marcus was given the opportunities to perform with numerous artists such as singer Pixie Lott, one of UK's biggest international pop sensations.

Marcus then returned to America to create a dance company called, "Face da Phlave Entertainment", alongside partners Andrew Ramsey and Kennith Thomas. As word spread of his rapid success, Marcus was then invited to choreograph and perform for the world leading Hip-hop Theatre Company, "Rennie Harris Pure Movement".

Marcus recently traveled to Malaysia with partner Norman "Shay" Williams, dancer and choreographer for Madonna. Through Norman, Marcus has recently become a regular performer and artist for Madonna's private parties and events. Marcus has been chosen to be the Hip-Hop choreographer for several dance shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia" season 2 and as a judge for 5 seasons in a row on "Astro's Battleground", Malaysia's first Hip Hop television show. He plays a pivotal role in transforming the attitude towards hip hop and creating a phenomenal response to the show through each season.

Marcus most recently collaborated and choreographed with Malaysian pop star "MiZZ Nina". Through her projects, Marcus was able to collaborate and choreograph for Americans Colby O'Donnis, Flo Rida, Taboo of Black Eyed Peas and Korean K Pop superstar JAY PARK. Marcus also choreographed and danced with Melissa Indot, Dennis Lau Chris Willis, Yalonda Be Cool and Havana Brown.

Marcus has dedicated his career to preserve and protect the foundation of the hip-hop community through performance and education. His mission is to eliminate the misunderstanding of a brilliant subculture and return a new understanding to the culture on a larger scale.