Saturday Night DJ Battle and Theme!

DJX will be having its first DJ battle on Saturday night using Silent Philly equipment. At 10pm 3 DJs will be battling it out to be the best DJ for that hour. Another 3 DJs will play at 11.

You will sign out a headset with your ID and pick a channel to listen to. If you are feeling the grooves then find another person with the same color as yours and dance! If you don't like the groove then pick another channel! At the end of the set you will pick your favorite DJ/Color and group together with the same color so we can get a quick count to see which DJ won!

Please note you can't leave with the headsets or change dance floors unless you check your headset back in.

Our theme to celebrate the battle will be RGB night! Wear/paint/light your Red, Green, or Blue on for the first half of the night.



A'lan Abruzzo

San Francisco, CA

A'lan loves dancing. A'lan loves music. He considers DJing for fusion such a privilege, joy and self expression. His fusion DJ acumen originated from his early training at house parties and blues venues. It then grew as he became the first music coordinator at Shades of Blues in San Francisco. He broke onto the national fusion scene at the Portland Fusion Exchange and since then he's played at SDFX, LVFX, SFFX, DFX, MFX, Urban Recess, Seattle Fusion Festival, Albuquerque Fusion Experiment, City in Motion, Emerald City Blues, Mile High Blues, BAmF and many many more. He's looking forward to sharing his sounds with you … and please ask him to dance!

Alain Andrieux

London, England, UK

Based in London, Alain has been spinning tunes in various scenes (Blues, Fusion and NeoTango) all over Europe (and at MFeX'16 in the Bay Area). An obsessive DJ, he spends a totally unreasonable part of his time listening to new music (and ruthlessly discarding most of it). He tries to avoid set boredom at all costs, especially when that means spending two hours editing a song to make it great enough to dance to. He strives for eclectic blends in tempo and style, for instance combining Latin/World beats with Chillstep in the same set if it feels right for the floor.

Alain has a particular fondness for slow, intense, emotionally charged songs that elevate dancers and give them goosebumps.

Ben Long

Philadelphia, PA

Ben Long has been a fixture in the Fusion dance community for over a decade. Starting his proselytizing in Portland, he now hails from Philly (formerly DC, formerly LA). Ben DJed and taught at every Fusion Exchange except Boston (ugh, can't for the life of me recall why I decided not to attend that one). He's always pioneering the Fusion hinterlands and establishing new standards in the scene. In his sets, expect sick backbeats, mad synth, bass crunch, booty drops, melty breaks, and some noise you've never heard before.

Beth Butler

Durham, NC

After spending several years as a Lindy Hopper, Beth found her heart in blues and fusion. She spent the last year dancing her way around the world falling in love with new music and new dancers. Nothing brings her more joy than watching dancers find unique ways to express themselves to her sets. Fusion let her free and she can't wait to inspire that in you.

Bo Marchman

Philadelphia, PA

Birthed in the Durham, NC blues and fusion scene and raised on a healthy diet of late-night sets at Recess, Bo has been traveling, dancing and collecting music across the country for the past few years. Drawn to organic rhythms, percussive beats and candlelit voices, he strives to weave traditional sounds and contemporary genres together into an intimate dance experience.

Dave Warner

Durham, NC

One of North Carolina's most sought-after blues and fusion DJs, Dave Warner is the host of Dave's Lounge (, a weekly radio show on WHUP FM in Hillsborough, NC, and a regular DJ at blues and fusion dances in Durham, NC. Over the last seven years, Dave has played dance events in New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Denver, Charleston, and Nashville, and he's a mainstay at events in Virginia Beach. He has built a reputation as a DJ with a knack for keeping late night dances alive, and he constantly goes digging for new releases from veteran performers and emerging artists alike to keep his sounds fresh and keep dancers connected to the music.

Erin June

Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Erin’s love of music began in the back yards of rural Canada, surrounded by a family of rock and roll musicians. Her love of dance began much later, in the romanticized rhythms of salsa. Since then, her infatuation with different music and dance styles has expanded beyond these disparate beginnings. As a DJ and a dancer, she loves both emotive music and rhythmic beats that draw in a range of flavours and influences. Erin has been sharing music with the Toronto fusion scene since its conception over three years ago and has DJ'd at dance events around Canada and the US.

Fenella Kennedy

Columbus, OH

Fen Kennedy is an international fusion instructor and DJ based out of Columbus Ohio. They believe in using music to push the boundaries of a scene, and to bring diversity into the community. Their sets mirror their dancing: upbeat, creative, and a lot of fun!

Jeanette Holmes

New York, NY

Jeanette has been dancing and DJ-ing blues and west coast swing for ages, and found her way to the fusion scene in 2013. She fell in love with both the dancing and the music, with its emphasis on exploration and experimentation. She finagles her way into the DJ booth every chance she gets. From NYC clubs to national events to cruise ships, she's played just about everywhere, and she looks forward to sharing some of her favorite sounds with you!

Nell McGloin-King

New Haven, CT

Nell has been a swing, blues and fusion DJ, teacher and dance organizer in New Haven, CT for over 3 years, and is particularly drawn to fusion as an opportunity for artists in different areas of music and dance to build off each other and challenge the status quo. She enjoys creating potential on the dance floor for experimentation, intimacy, and a bit of absurdity, and hopes that you will ask her to dance!

Reeva Bradley

San Francisco, CA

Reeva’s enthusiasm for amazing music shows through every song they play. They DJ in conversation with the dancers in the room, creating dynamic sets that infuse the dance floor with energy. You can dance to their sets in their home base of San Francisco, and wherever they travel. They’ve DJed at national and international events, such as European Blues Invasion, Bluesquake, Seattle Fusion Festival, and DJX.

Shawn Knisely

Hawley, PA

Shawn began his journey to the Fusion scene in the 1990's when swing revived and has been active in the Lindy, West Coast, Blues and Fusion events since that time. His early journey in to DJing involved many late night parties up and down the east coast before doing DJX events like DJX's Summertime Exchange.  

Shawn focuses on music that moves your soul and loves to bring the music to life through a focus on musicality. He is most encouraged by the great love and connectedness the dance community, especially blues and fusion dancers, share.