This year will see the return of the Silent Disco, plus live music from JANXX, and of course a fabulous set of DJs!

For the Silent Disco: please bring a photo ID to check out a headset.

Want to know how we chose our DJs?

Here’s what we look for when we review the sets applicants submit:

  1. Song choices for time slot. Timing matters! Is it a late night set with energy-sustaining, slower tempo music, or is it an opening set designed to get the room started?

  2. Flow of set. How do the songs flow from one to the next and how do you maintain energy?

  3. Overall vibe of set. Give us a taste of your personality.

  4. Risk taking in set. Don't play it totally safe! Throw us a challenge song for the dancers, whip out the song you know will get people moving but haven't tried out before.

  5. Diversity in set. This one is very important! While flow matters, make sure that all of your songs do not sound the same. Include several different genres of music and dancing.

Check out the top 4 application sets we received this year!  (Thank you to the DJs for sharing.)

Eria Auguste  |  Beth Butler  |  Justin Johnson  |  Clyde Wright


Anne Meyer-Miner

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Anne stumbled upon partner dancing at a university dance club in New Mexico and has been obsessed ever since. 8 years later she is an organizer and regular DJ at Toronto's Dance Alchemy. Anne plays to adapt to the energy of the room, introducing new music that inspires creativity and connection within and between dancers.

Ben Chou

Ben started DJing in the summer of 2009 with an unexpected opportunity at a New York City blues dance. From there he went on to become a regular DJ at DJ Experiment and Powerhouse Blues, both in Philadelphia, with guest sets from Boston to San Francisco, before going national at the Albany Lindy and Blues Exchange and the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange. He loves variety and transition, moving with purpose from one genre/tempo/vibe to the next, selecting from a range of songs including downtempo, soul, house, blues, lyrical, and international.

Beth Butler

Durham, NC

Krystal Beth found her DJ start at Durham house parties and has become a regular DJ at RDU Saturday Night Fusion. The freedom of Fusion dancing led her to search for music that inspired the freedom of movements. She traveled around the US and Europe collecting music to connect through. From flowing melodies to sick beats, Krystal Beth will bring you tunes to set you free.

Bo Marchman

Philadelphia, PA

Raised in the Durham blues and fusion scene, Bo has spent the last several years traveling, dancing and collecting music around the world. Drawn to organic rhythms, percussive beats and candlelit voices, he weaves traditional sounds and contemporary genres together into an intimate dance experience. Currently based in Philadelphia, he has spun tunes for international fusion events and won the DJ battle at the DJ Experiment in 2017.

Clyde Wright

Washington, DC

Clyde Wright has been DJing fusion all over the country for years, most recently at Mile High Fusion, Like a BOS, and quite a few DJX events from years past. He loves searching for and finding the perfect Fusion songs for dancers.  He has a dance background in West Coast Swing, Blues, Lindy Hop and Tango.

Dave Warner

Durham, NC

One of North Carolina's most sought-after blues and fusion DJs, Dave Warner is the host of Dave's Lounge (, a weekly radio show on WHUP FM in Hillsborough, NC, and a regular DJ at blues and fusion dances in Durham, NC. Over the last seven years, Dave has played dance events in New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Denver, Charleston, and Nashville, and he's a mainstay at events in Virginia Beach. He has built a reputation as a DJ with a knack for keeping late night dances alive, and he constantly goes digging for new releases from veteran performers and emerging artists alike to keep his sounds fresh and keep dancers connected to the music.

Emilio Estevez

Emiliano is known for his diverse taste in music and especially for his sets that can make you melt, groove, and push your horizons. Emiliano figured out quickly that he is driven by music with heart and soul and it must have groove. Music has to have a certain groove or feeling to feel good to play. He has DJed in the U.S., Canada, and Europe spreading the love of Blues and Fusion.

Eria Auguste

Baltimore, MD

Coming into dance with a background in instrumental music, Eria lends a trained ear to her musical selections as a DJ. With over 11 years of dance experience in a variety of styles, she brings an eclectic mix of rhythms and feelings into every set. After years of DJing exclusively at house parties up and down the east coast, Eria is excited to have her dance exchange debut at one of her favorite fusion events: DJX!

Erin June

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Erin’s love of music began in the back yards of rural Canada, surrounded by a family of rock and roll musicians. Her love of dance began much later, in the romanticized rhythms of salsa. Since then, her infatuation with different music and dance styles has expanded beyond these disparate beginnings. As a DJ and a dancer, she loves both emotive music and rhythmic beats that draw in a range of flavours and influences. Erin has been sharing music with the Toronto fusion scene since its conception over three years ago and has DJ'd at dance events around Canada and the US.

J Mundinger

State College, PA

DJing since 2005, J has searched far and wide for the perfect dance floor.  He learned to harness light and imbue the dance floor with the energy and emotion of each song. Today, he creates immersive sound & light performances from coast-to-coast at blues & fusion events.

Check out his lighting portfolio at

Jeanette Holmes

New York, NY

Jeanette has been dancing and DJ-ing blues and west coast swing for ages, and found her way to the fusion scene in 2013. She fell in love with both the dancing and the music, with its emphasis on exploration and experimentation. She finagles her way into the DJ booth every chance she gets. From NYC clubs to national events to cruise ships, she's played just about everywhere, and she looks forward to sharing some of her favorite sounds with you!

Justin Johnson

Seattle, WA

Justin is a blues and fusion dancer and DJ originally from NYC, now living in Seattle. He has a background in theatre, a love for music and the heart of a lifelong nerd. He sees partner dance as a wonderful artistic mode of non-verbal connection, and loves fusion as a way to bring together dancers of all different movement languages.

Kathleen Evans

New York, NY

Kathleen fell in love with fusion in 2012 after building a background in blues, salsa, contra, and bhangra. She got hooked at the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange and became a dj to recreate the excitement of that incredible weekend. For the past 5 years she's honed her craft spinning at blues and fusion events in NYC, where she runs a monthly outdoor fusion dance.

Kathleen enjoys exploring and cross-pollinating with other scenes. While DJX is her favorite (don't tell!) she's also enjoyed djing at Motley Hue in NYC, Dance Alchemy in Toronto, Menagerie Uncaged in Atlanta, and Montreal InFused. She enjoys creating a mood that dancers can play with – whether playful or intense, sexy or soulful. She loves discovering new artists, and she can never resist a good cover.

Neil Benen

New York, NY

Neil was born and lives in New York City. He discovered social partner dancing in 2011 and shortly thereafter started DJ’ing both fusion and blues events. One of his greatest pleasures is to endlessly search for musical treasures, and weave them together as if almost telling a story so that it acts as a cohesive force to keep the energy flowing and dancers dancing.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sapo is mostly appreciated for the eclectic side of her sets, likes to travel back and forth between rootsy organic sounds and electronic ones, minimalist and busy stuff, world-ish songs and North American ones. Head organizer of Montreal Infused, she started the fusion scene there in 2015. Music coordinator for Montreal Bagel N Blues from 2009 to 2017, she has Djed at Seattle Fusion Fest, DJX in Philly, Blues Muse, CTLX, Mystic Blues, Frankie’s 95th, Melting Pot, Toronto Alchemy/DJX fusion weekend, Vancouver & Montreal blues & fusion dances.

Shawn Knisely

Hawley, PA

Shawn began his journey to the Fusion scene in the 1990's when swing revived and has been active in the Lindy, West Coast, Blues and Fusion events since that time. His early journey in to DJing involved many late night parties up and down the east coast before doing DJX events like DJX's Summertime Exchange and DJX Fusion Exchange.

Shawn focuses on music that moves your soul and loves to bring the music from diverse cultures to the dance floor. He is most encouraged by the great love and connectedness the dance community share.

Will Shaver

Eugene, OR

Will has been social dancing for over 20 years, and DJing for nearly as many. His background is in ballroom, west coast swing, and lately lots of fusion. He regularly DJs at social dance festivals, and is always on the hunt for new music that makes us want to dance.