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All Levels - with Andrew Smith


"In order to dance with the world, we must first dance ourselves." That's not actually a quote, but it should be: dance always begins with the self in our solo bodies. This day will focus on how we move our bodies in different ways, that we can then broaden our expressive range to different kinds of music. Come prepared to move a lot and push the limits of how you move in space. We will then bring that clarity of movement to a partnership and explore how to create movement together.


The wide range of possibility within Fusion dancing can be intimidating, but fortunately we have a partner to join us on the adventure. On Sunday, we will explore how we turn our partnered dancing into a conversation. Through exercises in creativity, lead/follow technique, and improvisation, we will practice concrete ways to let the ideas flow and create more opportunities for moments of magic in dancing with someone else.

Masters' Classes - with Flouer Evelyn



There are three basic ways that social dances have historically used direction. Knowing the differences between them will allow you to make clear directional decisions on the dance floor & add clarity and structure to both your leading and following.



We will break down the expectations that different dance genres ask for from their partners, and discover what kind of movement possibilities arise because of them.  If you thought you knew where compression and leverage belonged in a dance - think again!

Masters' Class Auditions

There will be two time slots available for auditioning, though the Friday slot is preferable if you are able to make it:

Friday night, during the dance - 1 - 2am
Saturday, during lunch time - approximately 1 - 2pm

Audition results will be posted by the end of the Saturday lunch slot.

Audition Format and Criteria

Dancers will be asked to dance both solo and partnered to a variety of music. You will have the opportunity to dance with multiple people.

Technique: looking for body control and articulation in response to the music, the ability to move through space with confidence, and a sensitive understanding of connection.

Content: looking for individuality, creativity, and the willingness to think outside the box with your partner. Students in the Master's Track should have an open mind and interest in experimenting.

Bonus: Musicality Workshop with David Keogh and Friends

DJX is excited to present a special workshop we have not offered before!

David Keogh, our featured musician, along with Emilio and other staff and instructors, will be leading a class putting forth creative ideas for musicality.  With David's own compositions as a basis, we will break down pieces and elements of a few songs and present a variety of perspectives and approaches to partner dance movements that really connect with the music.  Join us for this unique experience!

This workshop will take place after the main workshops on Saturday, from 4:30 - 5:30pm.  Please note: a full pass is required to attend this workshop.

Instructor Bios

Andrew Smith

Teaching internationally for over a decade, Andrew still wears the same pair of dance shoes he bought after falling in love with social dance at the end of high school. In classes around the world, he draws upon his experience in social, vernacular, and classical dances to inspire and challenge his students. He brings a balanced focus to technique, body mechanics, spirit, and creativity and strives to create a positive, safe learning environment. Andrew continues to hone his skills through competitions and wins at events around the country, including Enter The Blues, Rose City Blues, and Portland Blues Experience (twice). In his spare time, Andrew is a software engineer and holds a Master's degree in Sustainable Design and Construction from Stanford University. He enjoys hugs, yoga, and dark chocolate. Visit for more info.

Flouer Evelyn

Flouer has an extensive, multilayered background in movement practices. Her experiences range from competing at blues & lindy exchanges, professional ballroom & Latin shows, stage combat, burlesque, and world travel for ice skating and contemporary dance. She has both her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Dance.

Fascinated by the history of social dances, Flouer often brings context into her classes. With the belief that most life lessons can be found in partner dance, she strives to help people create connections within themselves, their partners, and the community as a whole. Currently, she can be found teaching full time around the world and New York City, and running her dance events- FNBlues, Nocturne Blues, Melting Pot & Motley Hue.