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David Keogh (Seattle, WA)

David Keogh performs and DJ’s at social dance festivals and exchanges around the country. His music features downtempo beats layered over lush piano, violin, and electronics with an emphasis on rhythm, tempo and musicality for that magical blend of dance-forms we call fusion.


Reeva Bradley (San Francisco, CA)

Reeva’s enthusiasm for amazing music shows through every song she plays. She DJs in conversation with the dancers in the room, creating dynamic sets that infuse the floor with energy. She DJs for blues, fusion, and tango dancers, in her home base of San Francisco and wherever she travels.

Bianca Del Cioppo (Newark, CA)

Dancer, ceramic artist, sous chef, event coordinator; DJ is yet another hat that Bianca has added to her bag of tricks in the last couple years. She has been a dancer all her life, recently taking it to the next level by spicing up the dance floor with her own music. Since her initial introduction to partner dancing, Bianca has been traveling across the world for exchanges, workshops as well as cultural fascination. She loves meeting dancers and experience new music at each encounter; her DJing reflects a love of many cultures and scenes. Bianca enjoys creating a warm inviting feeling for dancers to immerse themselves in a full sensory experience, and she can't wait to share that experience with DJX!

Bob Lloyd (Chicago, IL)

Bob is honored to be joining his fellow djs spinning the beats for this wonderful weekend. He most recently had been seen at Blues in the Nite, ABLX, BULX, LafLX, and various other local events. He has enjoyed coordinating sound & lights for bluesSHOUT 2015 and is looking forward to 2016 as well as running sound for other events TBA soon. Thank you to the coordinators for DJX for the opportunity to DJ.

J. Mundinger (Pittsburgh, PA)

J is an international and coast-to-coast DJ and lighting designer.

Spinning for the dance community since 2006, he specializes in Fusion, Blues & Swing. He added his turntable in '07, custom-built DJ software in '10, and lighting design in '11 to satisfy his endless drive to create the perfect dance floor.

You can check out his lighting portfolio at

Sapo (Montreal, QC)

Sapo is most enjoyable at late nights or house parties as some Montreal, Waterloo, Vancouver and New Haven people will tell you. She enjoys going back and forth between organic acoustic minimalist sounds and fatter electronic ones. Left to her own devices, she’ll gravitate towards the moody, the groovy, the dirty, the funny, the tribally, the novel & the tea. Has Djed at Montreal Bagel N’ Blues, CTLX, Mystic Blues III, Frankie’s 95th (blues late night), Melting Pot, Blues Muse, DJ Experiment and Carnaval Swing de Québec.

Will Shaver (Eugene, OR)

Will has been social dancing for more than 15 years, and fusion dancing feels like coming home. He regularly DJs at social dance festivals, and is always on the hunt for new music that makes us want to dance.

Dave Warner (Durham, NC)

One of North Carolina's most sought-after blues and fusion DJs, Dave Warner is the host of the Dave's Lounge ( podcast, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last May, and a regular DJ at blues and fusion dances in Durham, NC. Over the last five years, Dave has played dance events in New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Denver, and Charlotte, and he's a mainstay at events in Virginia Beach. He has built a reputation as a DJ with a knack for keeping late night dances alive, and he constantly goes digging for new releases from veteran performers and emerging artists alike to keep his sounds fresh and keep dancers connected to the music.

Eva Wingren (Washington, DC)

Eva has been dancing blues and fusion for five years, but is still a wee baby DJ. She credits DC's weekly jukebox jam with letting her get her feet wet with DJing. Wherever possible, she tries to highlight new music from women of color.

Clyde Wright (Washington, DC)

Clyde Wright has been dancing and DJing for eight years. He is a lover of back rubs and boardgames, and at the moment is really interested in becoming one of first people to colonize Mars.