Fusion Weekend

DJX Fusion Weekend - November 13-15, 2015

Thank you all for joining us for another amazing Fusion Weekend experience!  We would appreciate if you take a moment to fill out our feedback survey.  Your experiences, both positive and criticisms, will help us continue to refine and improve our future events.



Come play with us at our third annual DJX Fusion Weekend in Philadelphia!

We've had a blast with you all the past two years, and we can't wait to bring you another round of quality workshops and live and DJ'ed music - once again at the beautiful Gallerie Isada.

We have 8 hours of class material created by Andrew Smith and specialized masters' classes by Flouer Evelyn. Our goal in giving students 8 hours of lessons with a single teacher is to give a student a chance to experience a full journey created by the teacher and create a community of fellow students who are on the journey with you.

We have chosen from many submissions a group of DJs that will play a diverse set of music to challenge you and your partner to be creative for every song. David Keogh will bring his own flavor of live fusion music that set the standard for fusion performances. 

Please help us make this event even more amazing by inviting all your favorite dance friends to the Facebook event!


Both full weekend pass and dance-only pass registration is open.

We have a special musicality workshop in the works for you!  David will be joined by Emilio and other instructors to bring together a variety of creative approaches to musicality in fusion dancing.

We're excited to have Carol Moog, an accomplished harmonica player with years of experience performing in groups and duos, joining David Keogh for a set on Saturday night.  It's gonna be amaaaaazing.

Check out the workshop descriptions for the all-levels and masters' classes!

The full schedule for workshops, dancing, and DJ/musician slots is here.