Schedule Overview

Workshops & Dances

All workshops and dances will be held at Gallerie Isada.



Friday, 9pm - 3am

Friday night dance ($30 @ door)

9 - 10pm: Laura Boddorff
10 - 11pm: Jakob Sumearll
11pm - 12am: Mr.Moo
12 - 1am: Emilio Estevez
1 - 2am: David Keogh
2 - 3am: Dave Warner

10pm: masters' class auditions (slot 1)
12am: masters' class auditions (slot 2) 

Saturday, 10:30 - 11am Masters' class auditions (slot 3)
  Saturday workshops

Saturday, 11am - 5pm

All-levels workshops with Justin Riley
(1 hour lunch break)

Saturday, 11am - 4pm Masters' workshops with Jenny Sowden
Saturday, 9pm - 3am

Saturday night dance ($30 @ door)

9 - 10pm: Ben Chou
10 - 11pm: Jeff Mundinger
11pm - 12am: David Keogh & Mr.Moo - music battle
12 - 1am: Justin Riley
1 - 2am: David & Mr.Moo - joint set
2 - 3am: Jordan Hawker

  Sunday workshops

Sunday, 11am - 5pm

All-levels workshops with Justin Riley
(1 hour lunch break)

Sunday, 12pm - 5pm

Masters' workshops with Jenny Sowden
(1 hour lunch break)

Sunday, 9pm - 2am

Sunday night dance ($15 @ door)

9 - 10pm: Lissa Miller
10 - 11pm: David Keogh
11pm - 12am: Ben Chou
12 - 1am: Tory G
1 - 2am: Emilio Estevez


Sunday Blues Jam at the Twisted Tail

This is a weekly event at the Twisted Tail, a local "bourbon house and juke joint".  While it's not affiliated with DJX, Philadelphia dancers have been enjoying dancing to live music at this venue for the past few years -- and the regular band there on Wednesdays loves us too!

The blues jam happens every Sunday; Wednesday band frontman Mikey Junior is joined by talented local musicians.  We encourage DJX attendees to hit it up between the workshops and the dance at night.

When: Sunday, 5 - 9pm

Where: The Twisted Tail
509 S. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147