David Keogh (Seattle, WA)

David performs and DJ’s at social dance festivals and exchanges around the country. His music features downtempo beats layered over lush piano, violin and electronics, with an emphasis on rhythm, tempo and musicality for that magical blend of dance-forms we call fusion.




Mr.Moo (Portland, OR)

Mr. Moo hails from the forested hills of Portland, OR. An accomplished violinist and composer, he draws lyrical syrup out of the ether onto layered textures and beats made from found objects, everyday ambient noise, and world percussion. Join Mr. Moo as he journeys into the space between spaces; the world between worlds. On the hotbed of evolving ethno-electro sound the tribes will meet, and they will dance. Get ready to moooooooooove.



Benjamin Chou (Lancaster, PA)

Ben started DJing in the summer of 2009 with an unexpected opportunity at a New York City blues dance. From there he went on to become a regular DJ at DJ Experiment and Powerhouse Blues, both in Philadelphia, with guest sets from Boston to San Francisco, before going national at the Albany Lindy and Blues Exchange and the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange. He loves variety and transition, moving with purpose from one genre/tempo/vibe to the next, selecting from a range of songs including downtempo, soul, house, blues, lyrical, and international.


Emiliano Estevez (Philadelphia, PA)

Emiliano is known for his diverse taste in music and especially for his sets that can make you melt, groove, and push your horizons. Emiliano figured out quickly that he is driven by music with heart and soul and it must have groove. Music has to have a certain groove or feeling to feel good to play. He has DJed in the U.S., Canada, and Europe spreading the love of Blues and Fusion.



Tory G (Washington, DC)

While her dancer history is a mashup - from blues to bachata, lindy hop to west coast swing, and most recently kizomba - Tory has not found anything that touches her soul quite like fusion.  She is utterly obsessive about music, carefully curating dozens of playlists tailored to all sorts of moods and vibes.  Through her DJing she aims to give this same immersion into a feeling to dancers.

Her music tastes draw from indie and alternative artists, singer-songwriters, touches of R&B and funky stuff, and a whole bunch of music she has no idea how to label with a genre.  The music coordinator of the last Fusion Exchange simply labeled her set "Soul of Fusion".

Tory's favorite DJing experiences are last year's DJX Fusion Weekend and the Denver Fusion Exchange -- and she always fondly credits Emilio Estevez, Greg Avakian, and the early DJX days for putting her on the path to DJing.


Jordan Hawker (San Francisco, CA)

In 2006, DJ Axle (Jordan Hawker) discovered the life-changing experience that is Dance.  Since then, he has taken that passion to the next level by DJing all over the country, including Seattle Fusion Festival, DJX Fusion Weekend, Austin Fusion Party, Austin Blues Party, Bluesalicious, Show-Me Blues, and many more!  

Variety is the spice of life, and Jordan takes that to heart in his music, mixing modern tunes with vintage classics that will get everyone moving!  He especially enjoys playing songs from regional and little-known artists to introduce his audience to music they wouldn't normally hear from other DJs.  Currently representing the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Axle enjoys every opportunity to give dancers a bit of his Midwest background mixed with a taste of the Fresh Coast.  His diverse musical style will keep you dancing 'til the lights go out!


Lissa Miller (Philadelphia, PA)

Lissa finally decided to DJ after years of hanging out with DJs and collecting music. Now she is a regular DJ at house parties and for the DJ Experiment monthly dances in Philadelphia. She enjoys searching for new tracks to bring to the dance floor.  Some of Lissa's favorite styles to play are lyrical, pop mixed with electronic, and songs that include orchestral strings.




Jeff Mundinger (Pittsburgh, PA)

Jeff started dancing in 2005 and became hooked on the music immediately.  In '07 he added his turntable, and in '11 lighting design to satisfy his endless drive to create the perfect dance floor.  Specializing in late-nite sets and lighting earned him the name DJ Sunrise. Now you can catch him DJing Blues, Swing, Fusion and more at events throughout the Midwest and East Coast.



Justin Riley (Portland, OR)

For over ten years Justin has been a dancer, DJ, and instructor who continually strives to find new music that stretches the musical styles and aesthetics of both his fellow dancers and himself.  Justin has lived, traveled, and danced in Buenos Aires, Europe, the Middle East, Cuba, Morocco, and India. He brings international influences to his dancing and his DJing. Most recently his musical tastes have moved towards electronica: dubstep, glitchhop, downtempo, world electronica, electro-pop, electro-circ, deejay remixes of old blues and jazz classics, tango electronica, New Delhi Wave DJs, and music that can only be properly classified as lyrical.  He picks music that inspires the dancer not only rhythmically and musically, but emotionally as well.


Jakob Sumearll (Laramie, WY)

Jakob Sumearll is a student civil engineer from Colorado (stuck in Wyoming). He is also one of the co-founders of the virtually-unknown, Tulsa-based Lindy and Blues dance weekend - the Jake'N Bake. As for dancing, the joke is that he almost exclusively dances blues, which of course isn't true with his "countable hours" of lindy hop and tango experience. All that can be said is that over the last four years, blues has become an insatiable passion that can only be described as something that "keeps the crazy away".

Just recently has he blossomed as a blues / fusion DJ, having played at both Fair City Blues and ESpanish Blues Festival, along with monthly at his home scene in Fort Collins, CO. But, more exciting, this will be his first big event in the US. In general, his music preferences range from glitchy chillstep electronica to lyrical acoustic to groovy R&B. You're in for a taste of everything! Just look for the guy dancing away at the DJ stand; he will probably be playing the game "how can I get those people over there to get up and dance".


Dave Warner (Durham, NC)

One of North Carolina's most sought-after blues and fusion DJs, Dave Warner is the host of the Dave's Lounge podcast and a regular DJ at dances in Durham, NC. Over the last five years, Dave has played dance events in New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Denver, and all over the south east. He has built a reputation as a DJ with a knack for keeping late night dances alive, and he constantly goes digging for new releases from veteran performers and emerging artists alike to keep his sounds fresh and keep dancers connected to the music.