Functional Movement Screens by Action Potential

As a bonus option during the weekend, DJX is coordinating with Action Potential to offer 30-minute individualized functional movement screens to help you dance safely and healthily.

Physical therapists Kristen Wilson and Kathy Dixon from Action Potential will perform functional movement screens to assess for problematic movement patterns that may limit dance performance.  This screen is the same screen that is used in the NFL and other professional athletic arenas to assess athletes for potential problems or injury.  Following a one-on-one 15-minute assessment, the therapists will provide education on an individualized treatment prescription to correct the faulty movements.  Don't miss the fantastic opportunity to have a private assessment that could save your dance career!

To sign up, please add a screening session to your OpenDance registration.  Please note that a minimum of 8 people must sign up for screenings in order for DJX to provide this service at the event.