DJX Fusion Weekend 2018

Thank you so much for all of your amazing energy and excellent dance moves at this year's event!

As you know, we did a few new things this year so if you have a few minutes, we would appreciate it if you could reflect on this year's event. Love, comments, suggestions are all fantastic ways for us to gauge what we did well and what could use some work.

Please take our feedback survey here.

Thank you, and we hope to see you again at Summertime DJX 2019 and beyond!


Safer Spaces

Schedule Overview



Team Showcase

Mix & Match Competition

Chocolate History and Tasting Class

Partner Massage for Dancers

Questions during the event?
If you have questions and a DJX staff member is not readily available, please you may email - we'll receive it on our phones, so someone should be able to respond soon!


Online registration is now fully closed.  Please see below for at-door pricing.

Guest housing signups close Friday, November 2.
Volunteering signups close Monday, November 5.
Assignments will be sent out by Tuesday, November 6.

Q: Registered already, but still need to pay?

A: If you submitted registration already but did not complete your PayPal payment, please do so to secure your ticket.  Find your registration confirmation email, and open the link to access your registration booking.  Near the top there is a link: "Pay outstanding balance with Paypal now" - please note it will take a few seconds to redirect you to PayPal with your amount owed.

Q: Transferring your ticket to someone else?

A: Please do the following:

  1. Coordinate payment directly with the person receiving your ticket.
  2. Email us at and include the ticket receiver on the email thread, so that we can follow up with them to complete their registration.  Thanks!

Online Tickets

Full Weekend Pass - includes all daytime workshops (Saturday and Sunday), and nighttime dances (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • Regular - $110
  • Late (starting 10/27) - $130

Dances Only Pass - includes all nighttime dances (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • Regular - $80
  • Late (starting 10/27) - $100

Door Tickets

Please note: we are accepting cash only at the door.

Weekend passes are available at the late-registration pricing:

  • Full Weekend - $130
  • Dances Only - $100

Single-night dance entry:

  • Friday night dance - $40
  • Saturday night dance - $45
  • Sunday night dance - $30


  • Mix & Match competition (same price) - please sign up on Saturday @ 5pm at the front desk.  Competition prelims start at 5:30pm.
  • Chocolate Class (same price) - sign up on Sunday @ 5pm.  Class starts at 5:30pm.

Safer Spaces

Please review the DJX Safer Space Policy here.

Our safer spaces coordinator for DJX Fusion Weekend 2018 is Fen Kennedy.

Fen runs the Dance Support Network for Access and Disability for the Ohio State University Dance Department, and they're passionate about making more people more welcome at more dances. This year they've spoken at NYU, the Fusion Immersion retreat and Mile High Fusion about fusion and queer teaching strategies.

Fen and their team of safer spaces volunteers will be around during classes and dances, and you can approach them at any time with questions, comments and concerns. You can also reach out through our anonymous form here.

Fen's goal for safer spaces is to make sure that everyone is able to dance and learn without harm or fear, and to create an environment where we can all work on that goal together.


We will offer two workshop tracks, all-levels and advanced.

All-Levels with Greg & Laurie

So: we’ve got you in a room for 2 days.  What are we going to do with you?

Mostly we want you and your body to dance with greater awareness and for your movement to be received with greater clarity by your partner.

We’re going to unpack these elements in partner dancing and lay them out for you to look at what works for you ...and what needs work from you.

We'll explore the layers in the music that we can respond to, break down exactly what syncopations are, and create a list of elements that can be used for any pattern and where to put them into your dancing.  We'll even spend time listening to and "mapping" music that we'll use in class.

With solid, concrete, examples and exercises, we'll give you some great techniques on connecting with your partner in open or closed position.

We’ll work with hesitations, breaks, and attentive, playful, partnering. We'll work on communicating *rhythm* as opposed to just the beat to move the dance "conversation" to another level.


About Greg Avakian & Laurie Zimmerman


photo: Allison Bishop

Greg & Laurie began teaching together in 1998.  They specialize in Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Blues Dancing and Fusion Dancing -having traveled the U.S., Canada, and Europe teaching at workshops, competitions, and dance camps.  In addition, they have organized large scale workshops and hosted many live music events in their home town of Philadelphia, PA.  Greg has been a popular DJ having spun at over 100 competitions and exchanges.  He has been the music coordinator at events as diverse as the American Lindy Hop Championships and The Fusion Exchanges (but he acknowledges that Laurie probably has better taste in music).

Greg & Laurie are best known for breaking down connection and musicality and teach very focused classes in song structure and finding musical elements.  Their movement classes are based on simple principles which they systematically use to show how habits of movement create clear leading and following with minimal effort.

Guided by the thought that teachers should share their experience of connection and movement along with a solid understanding of how music works, Greg and Laurie have produced many students who are comfortable social dancers, proficient teachers, and award winning competitors.  Their favorite on-going endeavor is 15 years of teaching a 30+ member Lindy troupe -The West Philly Swingers- which performs 15-20 new choreographies a year.  These days they are introducing the troupe to West Coast Swing.


Advanced Level

This year, DJX's own Emilio will be teaching the advanced level classes with a focus on Micro!

What is Micro to Emilio? 

Micro is using the smallest of movements to lead and follow to music that gives the right space for this style. Micro can be done in open, closed, and embrace instead of just embrace.

This advanced class will be concentrating on precision in movement and exploring concepts of Micro that was originally introduced at the first Fusion Exchange in 2008. The primary concepts that will be covered are precise communication in your connection, places to explore connection, how to mix in micro in your dance, and musicality using different styles of music. 

Auditions will be on Saturday at 12:15 pm sharp. There is only one day of auditions to make sure you are ready to go on Saturday!

Team Showcase

Sign up: in online registration - by Friday, October 26
In addition: please email your team's song file directly to

This is a new experiment for this year!  We invite you to form teams and perform a routine to a song of your choosing, for your fellow dancers on Saturday night of DJX Fusion Weekend.

  • Teams may be 2 or more people
  • Song length must be 3 minutes or less (feel free to edit)
  • Music from any genre is allowed, but please keep the lyrics PG13
  • Performance order will be set that evening at 9pm - bring your outfit, and there will be a changing room available
  • All performers will receive a $20 discount off your pass :)

Mix & Match Competition

Price: $10
Sign up: in online registration
When: Saturday - preliminaries after classes, and finals during the main dance

DJX wants to provide a competition where fellow Fusion dancers can watch those on stage and see examples of quality dance to different styles of music. DJX wants to encourage our dancers to keep working on their dance and have a good space to show off all of that hard work!


The competition will have a mix and match format with leads and follows being randomly chosen.  Please sign up as a lead or follow for the competition.  Music will be diverse in genre with the preliminaries having as many heats as necessary to have the judges see the competitors dance to 5 different genres and the finals having individual rounds with the competitors dancing to 3 different genres for each spotlight.

Here are some samples of the kinds of songs you'll dance to in prelims and finals!

Judging Criteria

  • Dancing to the music - exploring the feel/style of the song that is being played. Judges will be marking down competitors that don't change their style to fit the music. 
  • Quality of dance - clean quality movements that show control as well as expression. 
  • Partnering - communication between the dance partnership.
  • No favoritism will be shown to competitors including how they dress, crowd popularity, or any relationships to the community/judges. It's all about the dance!

Why are we holding a competition this year?

Our intention is to provide a space for Fusion dancers to show excellence in their dance. We are not defining what Fusion dancing is supposed to be. We are looking for quality movements to the music that is being played. We'll play multiple genres of music to challenge the dancers to bring all of the talent and imagination they have to the competitive dance floor.

So how will this be different from other competitions?

There will be levels defined as accomplishment in dance skills, not a 1st through 3rd award system. There will be a bronze, silver, and gold levels and the competitors will be grouped according to their level instead of ranked. Dancers will be judged fairly according to their dance skills, not by their creed, sexuality, relationship, dress, etc. 

Appreciate it but don't want to participate?

We will have another floor of dancing with some amazing DJs who would love to share their music with you!

Have questions? Email us at


Chocolate History and Tasting Class

Price: $20
Sign up: in online registration
When: Sunday evening, after workshops

Grass. Tropical fruit. Hazelnuts. Raspberry jam. Those are flavours found in rare and heirloom cacaos, not usually found in the high-yield varieties used for industrial chocolate.

These cacaos produce award-winning chocolate. The distinctly grassy Peruvian won gold at the Academy of Chocolate Awards, while the Haïti's tropical fruit and nut notes got bronze.

The flight will be led by Daniel Haran. He's been a dancer and chocolate maker for a decade, and founded Chocolats Monarque 3 years ago. Daniel is really obsessed with chocolate!

Partner Massage for Dancers

Price: free
Sign up: no sign-up, just show up :)
When: Sunday evening, after workshops

What could be better than a massage after a 18 hour (or more!) dance marathon? Partner massage for dancers.

In this class, expect to be led through giving and receiving a full massage while learning massage moves every dancer should know!

*You may bring a partner or pair with one in class.

Offered by: Seth Parker & Krysta Rosina