DJX Summertime Exchange

Dance exchanges are full of great people, fun events, and take place in cool cities!  While we want you to dance your feet sore, we also want to remember the community surrounding us. Our summertime exchange celebrates this, bringing us all together to enjoy the heat, and dance in places with AC.  We're bringing you a relaxed weekend with your favorite dance friends (and people who are soon-to-be friends!) filled with sunny summer Philadelphia activities like parks, pools, and pubs, and kick-back stress-free dancing out on the town late into the night.

We're looking forward to sharing with you two full nights of evening and late-night dancing, music courtesy of talented regional (and maybe not-so-regional!) DJs.  Bios will be posted once DJs have been selected!  On Sunday we plan to hit up the Twisted Tail's blues jam - an evening of sweet live music (and delicious food and drink!) beloved by the local dancers.

DJX's second annual Summertime Exchange will be the weekend of July 31st, 2015! See you there!

Any questions?  Feel free to post on the Facebook event, or contact us via