DJX Staff

Emilianophoto: Drew Tronvig

Emiliano Estevez

DJX Founder; DJ Trainer; Music Coordinator; Venue Liaison; Financial Manager

Emiliano envisioned DJX to fill a need for a safe space for DJs and dancers to explore music that was not part of the normal music being played at Lindy and Blues events and support new DJs and musicians.

Emiliano has a background in Lindy Hop, Blues, Hip-Hop, House, Tango, and a host of movements from many other genres.  He has been dancing since late 2000 and continues to add new ideas and movements to his style.  Emilio teaches weekly classes in Lancaster, PA, and has taught at national events and workshops such as the Fusion Exchange, Albany Lindy and Blues, Blues Recess, Montreal, Seattle, Austin, and Philadelphia. Emiliano is also working with various scenes in Europe to bring out their own flavor of Fusion.

Emiliano DJs at many events nationally and internationally providing a groovy flavor of Blues, Lindy, and Fusion styles of music.  He believes that a diverse set will challenge the dancers and make sure that they are listening with their minds and bodies. He also has judged at dance events and DJed competitions which is a very different challenge.

"Dance is a conversation…"

Lauraphoto: Lucy Schultz

Laura Boddorff

Housing Coordinator; Community Care

Laura Boddorff was a classical dancer all her life until, in 2004, she began partner dancing for a boy; ten years later he would be her husband.  Laura has studied over 25 styles of dance and teaches Ballroom at Step by Step studio.  She has placed in several competitions; however, her joy in dancing is in the social experience.  She has traveled and danced across five continents and in a myriad of languages.

Laura loves climbing tall mountains, throwing pottery, teaching math to teenagers, and her exceptionally grumpy cat.

"Every skill we ever learn is simply another way to express and to love."

Toryphoto: Steve Rekhler

Tory G

Website Developer; DJ Coordinator; Secretary; Registration/Volunteers Assistant

Tory is often found crafting Spotify playlists while programming at work, or chilling at a craft beer bar and pausing mid-conversation upon noticing a possibly danceable song playing.  Needless to say, this girl has serious passion for music.  Her path as a social partner dancer has included everything from salsa to west coast swing, lindy hop to Argentine tango - but she fell in love most strongly with blues and soon thereafter this fascinating notion of 'fusion'.

Through organizations such as DJX she finds an ultimate joy in partnered dancing to the music she feels most strongly.  She also happily credits DJX staff members for lovingly prodding her into giving DJing a try, and mentoring her along the path to giving others the music which so inspires her to move with passion.

Benphoto: Allison Bishop

Ben Chou

Monthly Dance Coordinator; Maker of Swag; General Event Assistance

So, there was this guy, right, and some years ago someone took him swing dancing.  And he was all "hey, this seems like fun."  Ten years later he is scratching his head and wondering, "How did that all happen?"

Well, after swing dancing there was salsa, then blues, then everything was good.  Then Houston Fusion Exchange happened and things were better...  Fast forward to 2009, when a friend asked him if he wanted to DJ at a blues dance.  "Screw it, why not."  A year passed, and another friend decided to do this small thing called the DJ Experiment…

Multiple parties and weekend dances, joining the organizing committee, picking up tango, going national as a DJ at LVFX and DFX, and one home-grown exchange weekend later, he is wondering where it will go next.

Come along with us. We have room. It'll be a blast.